What is Sunday morning worship like?

We are a varied people coming from a multiplicity of backgrounds. CM&A is 'inclusive' and embraces individuals from all walks of life.

We have several music worship leaders who incorporate their individuality into the worship time. We are very supportive of people wishing to become involved and would encourage you to talk with a member of our music team if you are interested. If you are not musically inclined but would still like to be involved, we also have needs for computer and sound board people as well.

Generally, you are going to experience a balanced mixture of worship choruses and traditional hymns - depending upon the leadership for that particular Sunday. Usually a grand piano and/or guitar will be used. Sometimes, you may hear the accompaniment of bongo drums or even the organ. It is the goal of our worship team to help us draw closer to The Lord during the musical portion of our service in preparation for the message. 

What will my kids do while I'm in church on Sunday morning?

We are committed to families. We welcome all sizes and ages in the service. If you would rather keep your children with you, you are welcome to do so. For infants to age 3, we also provide a nursery ministry staffed by trained volunteers. For children age 3-6 we offer Children's Church, which begins right before our "adult message" so that the whole family benefits from the musical worship together. For young children who remain in the service, we offer "busy bags" which can be found on cart near the entry door. More details on our children's ministries can be found by clicking here.
What should I wear on Sundays?

Since we are a varied people coming from a multiplicity of backgrounds, we encourage everyone to feel comfortable and to come "as you are". If you prefer to dress up for the Lord, you are welcome to do so. If you prefer a more casual look, you are also welcome to do so. You will likely notice a range of dress in our congregation including dresses, suits, slacks, jeans, tennis shoes, and cowboy boots. All are welcome.

Is your building handicap accessible? 

Yes! Our church is an old grade school, thus it is most definitely handicap accessible. There are no stairs and wide hallways. We have one large handicap, non-gender restroom, along with an array of other bathrooms spread throughout the building. 
Do you have programs for special needs visitors?

We do not have specific programs for those attending with special needs. However, we are extremely flexible and look forward to encompassing everyone in their pursuit to experience God. For the young attending separate classes, our teachers are aware of the vast array of needs among those attending and will do whatever they can to make all families feel welcome.  Our main service is always filled with "joyful activity" and we encourage every family to attend.
Are nursing mothers welcome in the service?

We have several young families with infants in our church family. We have a speaker system for nursing mothers in the library, so you will not miss the service, or you are more than welcome to use the nursery area or remain in the sanctuary.