Teach Me to Live – Lesson 1

I am pretty sure the Lord is working on me in a particular area, and I’m reminded each lesson how bad of a learner I really am. Remember, when I teach through a series, it always starts with me. What is God teaching me? Where am I learning or needing to learn? In 6 months of leading our church, it hasn’t failed yet, the very thing I’m trying to teach us a congregation I am learning privately.

A couple of weeks back, I shared a recurring dream that I was having. The dream typically followed the same pattern, me standing in the front of a beautifully ornate cathedral, the room filled will everyone I know plus some, and I’m always faced away from the people with the inability to lead or speak in their direction. In my dream, I would feel neutered and useless. As I was sharing that dream, it dawned on me that I was becoming consumed with leading and the accolades that come with the success of my leadership. I was interpreting the dream right in front of all who were there on that Sunday morning. The bottom line was regardless of my skill, talent, and desire, I still need help. I need help from the Lord to not make it about me and what I am doing. I need to be dependent on the Spirit of God to fill me and guide my leadership. Move forward to last week, the church hit an all-time high in plays on our podcast. My oh my was I hyped. People are hearing what I’m saying, and that is good. I felt super proud! Like before I felt a sense of accomplishment. We are doing it! We are going somewhere. All this prep and hard work are going pay off. I/we will get noticed, and we will grow.

Let’s move forward one more week. On Sunday we discovered that something went goofy with the soundboard and the teaching didn’t get fully recorded. This is no one’s fault, there really isn’t an explanation for it. This is why I say the Lord is working on me in a very specific area. I was immediately reminded that it’s not about me. During the teaching time, I had a small “out of body” experience where I thought to myself, this is good, people are going to like this when they hear it on the podcast. What on earth. I was focused on the attention received elsewhere rather than concentrating on the people right in front of me that God has graciously allowed me to lead. The people who needed to hear what was said were there to listen to it. I’m a slow learner. Jesus, Teach me to Live.

If I’m going to preach dependency on God’s Spirit, then I should be dependent as well. This is my confession that is very easy for me to slip into working in my own strengths and skill. My instincts and abilities are to promote and grow our organization. If I’m not dependent on Jesus, it will grow for all the wrong reasons. It can’t be about me. It is all about Jesus. I want to see people come to Jesus through Casper Alliance’s ministry. I want to see Jesus change the lives of all of us, plus whoever joins our community.

Jesus, Teach me to Live.