Spiritual Discipline #1 – Study of Scripture

When thinking about studying Scripture, it is essential to have a clear picture of the goals. Remember, spiritual disciplines are practices that are a “guaranteed place of communion, transformation, and healing.” These practices become a strategic place to hear the voice of God as He calls you into action. So what is the goal of studying Scripture? There can be so many. Here are some surface-level targets to aim at while getting started in the discipline of studying Scripture

3 Targets While Studying God’s Word

-To Know God
There is a difference between knowledge and knowing. I’m sure many of us have explored a little Facebook stalking of people. With a few clicks, we can gather quite a bit of information about people. We can learn where a person lives, who they are married to, where they work, how many kids they have, and what they had for dinner the last few nights. Facebook stalking produces some knowledge about a person, but we all know that you don’t know them. What does it take to know someone? Time, commitment to listening, and a little face to face time. When we have those actions with people, we move from a basic knowledge of who they are to truly knowing them. The desire for us would be to commit approaching Scripture with a desire to know God, not just have some facts.

-To Understand God
More questions, how do we understand something so incomprehensible? How do we understand something that was written in another language for a different audience? When these questions creep into the mind, they tend to sap the desire to even dig into Scripture. The lack of desire is a real enemy to understanding the character, beauty, and enormity of God. God so wants to reveal Himself to us, and God wants to deepen His relationship with us, God doesn’t want us to be confused by Him, but to understand Him truly. That is why it is incredibly important to seek understanding before reading anything. Try praying this prayer each time before opening up the Bible, “God help me to understand who you are more deeply when I read the Word today.”

-To Hear God
Isn’t this the ultimate goal? God, what do you desire? When the voice of God is clear, the mission of God is clear. One of the regular events in the Fazel home is someone standing at the base of the stairs yelling up the stairs asking questions, and the person upstairs isn’t hearing any of it. Every member of the family is guilty of this. The person upstairs receiving the question is completely distracted by something. That distraction is many times a solid core door. The person at the bottom of the stairs gets louder and louder to no avail. It is ridiculous. Now put that into the context of hearing God. What type of distractions exists to where the voice of God is impossible to hear? What barriers are there to prevent the hearing of God’s voice while studying Scripture? Distractions and obstacles are a variety of things; some are great, others not so much. To truly hear God’s voice while practicing the discipline of the study of Scripture, barriers and distractions have to be minimal or removed.

These thoughts are not a comprehensive look at a spiritual discipline of studying Scripture. It is merely a push to get the juices flowing.