Thinking About Worship – Part 2

This past Sunday one of the most important things happened in our worship gathering since my arrival at our church and I’m not sure anyone even noticed. I know right now you are all filling your mind with that question – what happened? What did I miss?

Typically pastors are fantastic in their hyperbole. Pastors speak in a strange way they say things like:


This is the greatest

You are the best

This is the most amazing book

We have never done it that way

I will never do that

You are the best church


And on and on with the super hyperbolic descriptors. You all know what I’m talking about. Well, let me assure you when I say “the most important thing” I’m not using pastor speak. It truly was important. Has your interest peaked? Sorry, I’m not going to tell you what it was, but I’m going to share the reason why it happened and hopefully, these types of situations will continue to occur.

Setting the stage for something more –



Are you hungry for something more from God? Do you want to drink from a deeper well? Our spiritual appetite will set the stage for a deeper worship experience. This is a positional attitude before the Lord. Come to worship hungry for the nourishment that only God can provide. Set the stage for your worship experience by increasing your hunger.

Clean Heart

This seems to be a consistent topic in my writings and teachings. Clean hearts – CONFESSION! What sin, bitterness, hurt, etc need to be confessed before the Lord? Is there a relationship that needs to be reconciled? Having a clean heart gives you the freedom to worship without hindrances. The heaviness is removed and the soul can sing to the Lord.

Psalm 51:10 – Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me

Take a Step

Within the worship setting, the Spirit of God is active. He is nudging you, calling you, comforting you, and asking you to take step towards Him. Taking that step is a risk. It is uncomfortable to respond to God, but I’m asking you to do. Respond to the Spirit’s leading by taking the step towards however He is speaking to you.

I believe these three things took place this past Sunday and something more happened in the room that was incredible. Set the stage for something more in your life and the life of the church by hungering for God, coming before him with a clean heart, and having the courage to take that next step in your walk with the Lord.