Something More

Slogans and catch phrases within the Church are a pet peeve of mine.  I really don’t like when churches use a set of words that have a special implied meaning or purpose within their community.  



It feels like it is easy to be left out. I think churches try hard to make the phrase intriguing enough to where if you are an outsider your interest is perked and you say to yourself, “Hmmm, I wonder what that means? I should go ask one of the clearly identified ushers to tell me what ‘blah blah blah’ means, so I can be more involved in this random church where I don’t know anyone.”  My natural gift of cynicism pierces right through much of what we do as churches when trying to give our organization a mission and vision. Sorry. So yeah I’m not a huge fan of catchphrases.  

Truth be told this post is about establishing a slogan for our church family.  

Something More is my new slogan.  

I want us as a church to be longing for something more.  In our church tradition, the “something more” is often called the “deeper life.” If you are unfamiliar with following Jesus or the church a phrase like “The deeper life” really means nothing to you, but when we say “I want something more” that can r

eally mean something profound.  Desiring something more can build a passion within you to seek out the deeper things in life and faith.  I want something more for my marriage. I want something more for my family. I want something more with my finances. I want something more for my neighborhood. I want something more for my life. Those type of phrases we can all agree with and understand.  We can also give meaning to “something more” and define how to get there and what it can look like. That is a win!  So at Casper Church, I want to install the slogan “Something More” to our activities.   We are seeking something more from the Lord and we are helping others experience something more as they engage our church family.



I talked on Sunday about my backup plan of working at Wendy’s if the ministry was not an option for me.

I’ve been thinking about Wendy’s quite a bit lately. It is mostly due to the lack of carbs I’m putting into my body and I’m super hungry for some fast food, but it has still been on my mind.

I referenced during the teaching time on Sunday that Wendy’s was a crutch for me and I used it as an excuse to not fully step into leadership. All that is painfully true, but there were some tremendous outcomes from my decade long career at Wendy’s.

1. I can count and make change to the dollar very quickly.

2. I learned how to speak Spanglish. Yes, I can weave Spanish words for condiments into almost any conversation.

3. I learned how to have hard conversations with people. Firing someone is very difficult, inspiring someone is challenging, and apologizing for adding onion to someone’s hamburger six times a day is an exhausting experience.

4. I learned many skills that I still practice today. Although I needed to leave Wendy’s in my rear view mirror, God used that season in my life to shape me for leadership. The skills I picked up inside a fast food restaurant are critical to my life and leadership in ministry.

The question we all need to be asking ourselves each day is, “God, how are you shaping me to accomplish your purposes?” Days come and go so fast and it is our job as managers of The Kingdom Resources to use each day well. You may feel lost and hopeless in this season, but I assure you that God will shape you for His work if you ask. Living in the Kingdom of God is being aware of what God is doing through you. Are you managing The Kingdom Resources?

Ask yourself – God, how are you shaping me to accomplish your purposes?